Fostering collaboration between academia, business, and government to protect Canadians from cyberattacks

Urgent Demand for Expertise

The global cybersecurity industry is experiencing a severe and worsening talent shortage.

Growing Economic and Social Costs

The anticipated trend suggests a substantial annual rise in the expenses associated with global cybercrime in the coming years.

Multidisciplinary Solutions

The QCSP will produce high-impact research, development, and training to confront security and privacy challenges.

The Queen’s Centre for Security and Privacy (QCSP) is a university‐wide, multidisciplinary research centre that will:

  • Conduct cutting-edge research to establish itself as a leading authority in security and privacy on both the national and global stages
  • Develop professional training and consulting programs in collaboration with industry and government, including curriculum consulting to integrate cybersecurity education into programs across the university
  • Organize workshops and seminars and promote cyberthreat information awareness in Queen’s and across Canada
  • Provide security and privacy research as a service for public and private sector organizations

The QCSP leverages the:

  • Strengths of 12+ researchers from five departments of Queen’s University and the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC)
  • Training of 50+ graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

Further synergies are developed through collaborations with:

  • Organizations within Queen’s (e.g., Centre for Advanced Computing, Information Technology Services)
  • Kingston General Hospital (KGH)
  • Cybersecurity experts from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC)
  • Industry partners; and
  • Cybersecurity-relevant government agencies
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